Sunday, July 11, 2010


I believe that disability can be defined as anyone who is different from how a society views a person’s mental and physical health. In this definition, many people are disabled in varying degrees. Many people have anxiety disorders, broken bones, and drunken nights where they cannot act normally. What is unfortunate is the stereotypes and presumptions people have about people who are severely disabled and therefore “abnormal”. For example, I watch a few TLC shows about dwarf families and they are more than capable of doing anything that average height people can do. Society needs to get rid of the assumption that they are weak and need to be talked down to and help them in useful ways like catering to their lifestyle needs such as height adjustments in cars, houses, etc. I feel that many obviously disabled people are pitied and stared at. Sure, they have a few more challenges than the average person, but who wants to be average anyway? I think that fatness, especially extreme obesity is most definitely a disability. Fat people are often not anymore lazy and unmotivated than skinny people, it could be a result of millions of things such as genetics, a thyroid problem, abuse they’ve experienced, or just a severe addiction to food, etc. What obese people need is as many supportive people as possible by their side and for people not to look at their body to judge what kind of person they are. The extreme pressure to be thin in our society leads people to be desperate for diets that are not maintainable and destined to backfire. For people who don’t physical look like what society deems as beautiful, the truth of the matter is, are treated like they have a disability. In conclusion, the word disability I think is a very broad statement.

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