Friday, June 25, 2010

What does public policy matter for women?

The state maintains inequality in most areas of our society; it just takes a little bit of mindfulness. I think that most people feel that inequality is a thing of our past, but it is still very prevalent. One of them is through the system by which people first build upon their social ideas; the school system. Schools in poorer, inner city areas don’t receive the same budget and care that schools in middle-upper class areas have. People don’t give a rat’s tail about those poor children’s education and therefore they continue to be stuck in a trap of poverty. Higher SAT scores can be obtained by students who pay money to take prep classes that guarantee to raise their score, but don’t really enhance their knowledge about subjects and only how to play the test. Poorer students can’t afford these classes and therefore can’t always get into college, can’t get a higher paying job, and are again stuck in poverty. Our capitalist society seems to value only money and in order to function, people, often minority groups must do blue-collar jobs and pay taxes to feed the system. It is a sad situation that is not going to be controlled until some power can be taken away from the tiny percentage of people who hold most of the nation’s wealth. These people are usually white males who probably don’t understand the true problems the average citizen faces. I think that these desperately needed changes can only come with conscious raising groups and maybe small and incremental changes developed over time. However, I am hesitant to say that full equality can be achieved.

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